Imported British Pool Table

Imported British Pool Table

Imported Pool Table description

Our company is offering an exclusive range of Imported Pool Tablewhich is manufactured by using superior quality wood and with correct dimensional sizes.

While Importing this Pool Table, we only buy reputed company Pool Tablethose who manufacture best subjected and tested raw material that is acquired from

dependable and as per tournament level Pool Table.

Imported Pool Table with Imported Slates, The thickness of the slates is (25mm and 3 Pieces),
International Playing Area, hard wood material, ball return system, professional cloth matte finished Imported Pool Table.

Imported Pool Table Description

Scratch-resistant, Covered with Formica in Matt - Polished Rose Wood – finished

Imported Pool Table.Heavy-Duty Metal corners, legs adjustable & leg levellers.

Imported Taiwan Rubber Cushion, professional top grade high speed cloth.

Best Quality CNC Machine Levelled Slates.

Q: What is an Imported British Pool Table?

A: An Imported British Pool Table refers to a pool table that has been manufactured in the Overseas and brought into another country for sale or personal use. It typically adheres to the standard specifications and design associated with British-style pool tables.

Q: What are the characteristics of a British-style pool table?

A: British pool tables are known for their unique characteristics, including smaller pockets compared to American pool tables, narrower cushions, and a smaller playing surface. They often feature a finer cloth and tend to be made from different materials.

Q: How does an Imported British Pool Table differ from other types of pool tables?

A: Compared to American-style pool tables, British pool tables have smaller pockets and different dimensions. They are designed for a different style of play, with a focus on precision and control.

Q: What are the standard dimensions of an Imported British Pool Table?

A: The standard dimensions of a British pool table can vary, but they are typically smaller than American pool tables. Common sizes include 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft tables, with varying proportions. The exact dimensions might depend on the buyers and specific model.

Q: What type of cloth is typically used on Imported British Pool Tables?

A: British pool tables usually feature a napped cloth, which provides better ball control and is often considered more suitable for the precise style of play associated with these tables. The cloth might be made from a blend of wool and nylon.

Q: Are there different styles or designs available for Imported British Pool Tables?

A: Yes, there are various styles and designs available, ranging from traditional to contemporary. The choice of design can depend on personal preference, the room's decor.

Q: Do Imported British Pool Tables come with accessories?

A: Yes. Imported British Pool Tables are sold as part of a package that includes essential accessories such as cues, balls, a triangle rack, chalk, and a brush for the cloth.

Q: How much does an Imported British Pool Table cost?

A: The cost of an Imported British Pool Table can vary widely depending on factors such as the size, brand, materials used, design intricacy, and included accessories. call us 9990989899, 9643137147 for price and cost of Imported British Pool Table.

Q: Can I customize the cloth color of an Imported British Pool Table?

A: Yes. We might offer the option to choose the cloth color for your table to match your preferences or the room's aesthetics.

Q: How do I maintain an Imported British Pool Table?

A: Regular maintenance involves brushing the cloth to remove chalk and dust, keeping the balls and pockets clean, and occasionally applying a recommended cleaner to the cloth. You might also need to ensure the table is leveled properly for accurate play.

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