Classic Pool Table

Classic Pool Table

Pool table:

Sizes: 9ft x 4.5ft, 8ft x 4ft 7ft x 3.5ft, 6ft x 3ft, Color: Cherry I Golden I Silver I Matte or Gloss finishing. 

Slates: Imported - Indian Italian - Granite Slates 3 pieces 45 - 38 mm. 

Cloth: 777, 6565 Cloth Super Pool or 6811, West of England Cloth 

Cushion: Premium Wooden Block Cushion with High Speed Rubber, NRC or

Melien Rubber Cushion top on it. 

Pocket: Imported English Pocket - Brass Outer Pocket of International standards. 

Pool Tables Legs: Pure hardwoods with full carving and turning as per design.

These High Strength Pool Tables are developed and designed as per the needs of our customers. Pool Table is manufactured in many types of quality in wooden like Sheesham, Steambeach

Wood and many other quality is available here customer can order according to him.

Q: What is a Classic Pool Table?

A: A Classic Pool Table refers to a traditional style of billiards or pool table that embodies the design and aesthetics of vintage or historical tables. It often features ornate woodwork, intricate details, and a timeless appearance that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Q: What are the dimensions of a Classic Pool Table?

A: Classic Pool Tables typically come in various sizes, but the standard dimensions are usually 7 feet, 8 feet, or 9 feet in length. The exact dimensions can vary based on the specific model and buyers.

Q: What materials are Classic Pool Tables made of?

A: Classic Pool Tables are usually crafted from high-quality materials, including solid hardwoods like oak, cherry, mahogany, or walnut for the frame and legs. The playing surface is often made from slate, which provides a consistent and level playing field.

Q: How many pockets does a Classic Pool Table have?

A: A Classic Pool Table typically has six pockets, one on each corner and one on each side in the center. These pockets are designed to catch the balls when they are pocketed during the game.

Q: Can Classic Pool Tables be customized?

A: Yes. We offer customization options for Classic Pool Tables. You can choose the type of wood, stain finish, cloth color, and sometimes even add intricate carvings or engravings to personalize the table according to your preferences.

Q: What types of games can be played on a Classic Pool Table?

A: Classic Pool Tables are primarily designed for games like Eight-Ball, Nine-Ball, Straight Pool, and other variations of pocket billiards. They provide a smooth and consistent surface for players to enjoy various cue sports.

Q: How do I maintain a Classic Pool Table?

A: To maintain a Classic Pool Table, you should regularly clean the playing surface with a soft brush to remove chalk dust and debris. Keep the cloth clean and free from spills. It's also essential to level the table periodically to ensure fair gameplay.

Q: Are Classic Pool Tables suitable for both home and commercial use?

A: Yes, Classic Pool Tables are versatile and can be used both in residential settings and commercial establishments such as bars, pool halls, and game rooms. Their elegant design makes them attractive additions to various spaces.

Q: Are Classic Pool Tables easy to assemble?

A: Assembling a Classic Pool Table can be a complex process due to its size and weight. We offer professional installation services to ensure the table is properly set up, leveled, and ready for play.

Q: Where can I buy a Classic Pool Table?

A: Call us 9990989899, 9643137147 to purchase and buy a Classic Pool Table.

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