Imported Billiards Snooker Table

Imported Billiards Snooker Table 

Imported Billiards Snooker Table different Size with imported steam beach woods cushions, Imported Billiards Snooker Table in seasoned woods 8 legs, best quality CNC Machine leveled Slates 5 pcs in 45mm I 38mm thickness, Six Pocket of English standard, with adjuster, best quality cloth green or blue color cloth Imported Billiards Snooker Table with complete accessories.

Imported Billiards Snooker Table different in quality and design. The wood used in the making of this Imported Billiards Snooker Table is seasoned hard wood best Slates are used in place of bed of the Billiards table. The thickness of the slates is 45mm I 38mm.The surface of the Imported Billiards Snooker Table is then given Melamine polish in several layers which are laid carefully one over the other to give the Billiards table a better shine, look, tone, quality and easier maintenance.

We have tied-up with certified vendors who assure us about the quality of the material that we used for Imported Billiards Snooker Table manufacturing. Thus, the Billiards table finished products comply with high quality standards. Being a quality-conscious firm, we ensure that the offered Table comply with the laid industry standards and are of supreme quality.

Imported Billiards Snooker Table:

Table Sizes: 12ft x 6ft, 10ft x 5ft, 9ft x 4.5ft, 8ft x 4ft, 7ft x 3.5ft, 6ft x 3ft

Table Color: Dark Brown I Cherry I Golden I Silver I Teak I Matte or Gloss finishing

Table Slates: Imported I Indian Italian I Granite Slates 5 pieces 45 I 38 mm with CNC Machine Leveled

Table Cloth: 6811 32/30Oz I Sam Spain I 777 I 6565 Cloth I England Cloth

Table Cushion: Premium Wooden Block Cushion with high speed rubber I NRC or Melien Rubber Cushion top on Billiards table

Table Pocket: Imported Inner English Pocket I Brass Outer Pocket of International standards

Table Legs: Pure hard woods with full carving and turning as per design

Other Imported Billiards Snooker Table Specification :

Designed to be a top quality Imported Billiards Snooker Table, only the best materials are used in Imported Billiards Snooker Table operation. Billiards table body frame, side and rail cushions are made of selected imported hard woods and hand-picked exotic. Billiards table complete with wooden block cushion with standard accessories.Billiards table Rail cushion comes with polished Matte & cherry finished.

List of Accessories with Imported Billiards Snooker Table:

One set of new Snooker Balls. (22 Balls)

One score board with runner & Pointer.

4 Billiard Cues of ash wood of standard weight and size.

4 fancy lamp shades.

One cue stands capacity of 6 cues.

One long butt cue.

One long rest.

One spider.

One short rest.

One Billiard brush.

One Billiard table cover for dust.

One Snooker triangle.

12 piece Billiards chalks.

12 piece of Billiard Cue tips.

6 Piece Hooks.

Q: What is an Imported Billiards Snooker Table?

A: An Imported Billiards Snooker Table is a specialized gaming table designed for playing the cue sport of snooker. It is made to international standards and is often imported from countries with a strong snooker culture and expertise in table manufacturing.

Q: What are the key features of an Imported Billiards Snooker Table?

A: These tables typically feature a larger playing surface, precise leveling mechanisms, high-quality cloth, responsive rubber cushions, and intricately designed wooden frames. They are built to provide an optimal playing experience for serious snooker players.

Q: What is the size of a standard Imported Snooker Table?

A: A standard Imported Snooker Table is 12 feet by 6 feet in size. It is larger than a standard pool table and is essential for accommodating the larger snooker balls and the longer cues used in the game.

Q: Why choose an imported table over a locally manufactured one?

A: Imported tables are often preferred for their superior craftsmanship, higher quality materials, and attention to detail. They are usually manufactured by brands with established reputations in the snooker industry, ensuring a better playing experience.

Q: What is the cloth used on these tables?

A: High-quality snooker cloth, often made of a wool and nylon blend, is used on Imported Snooker Tables. This cloth is carefully selected for its smoothness, consistency, and durability, which are crucial for accurate ball movement.

Q: Are Imported Snooker Tables more expensive?

A: Yes, generally speaking, Imported Snooker Tables tend to be more expensive than locally manufactured ones due to the higher quality materials, craftsmanship, and sometimes additional shipping and customs costs associated with importing.

Q: Do Imported Snooker Tables come with accessories?

A: Many Imported Snooker Tables are sold as complete packages that include accessories such as snooker balls, cues, a triangle rack, chalk, and a scoreboard.

Q: How do I maintain an Imported Snooker Table?

A: Maintenance involves regularly brushing the cloth, cleaning the table's surface, and ensuring the cushions are responsive. It's also important to keep the table covered when not in use to protect it from dust and potential damage.

Q: Can these tables be disassembled and moved?

A: Yes, most Imported Snooker Tables are designed to be disassembled and moved, making it feasible to transport them if you change locations. However, professional assembly and leveling are recommended after moving to ensure optimal play.

Q: Where can I buy a high-quality Imported Billiards Snooker Table?

A: Call us 9990989899, 9643137147 for purchase and buy a high-quality Imported Billiards Snooker Table.

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