Billiards Table Steel Cushions

 Billiards Table Steel Cushions

when I was a youngster my mentor used to tell me about the good old days going down to the Billiards hall with the boys socializing playing little Billiards certainly things have changed a whole lot since then hi I'm Anil Mishra form Tanishq Billiards and we're talking Billiards tables now specifically slate Billiards tables Steel Cushions and they'll range from One Lakh Ninety Five Thousand Rupees to Four Lakh Fifty Thousand Rupees and there are six things to look for in choosing a Billiards table.

one the slate secondly the frame third the legs for cushion and rails five the cloth and six the playing equipment let's take a closer look at each one of these a quality slates of Billiards Table is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase it falls into the same category.

I said slate there are no substitutes for slate such things as plywood slate teen slate X and honeycombare introduced in the industry but don't give you the same playing characteristics as slate now let's take a look at slate first of all what is it it's a rock it's been mined it's quarried and it's leveled to one thousandth of an 45mm this is the stands of the industry three-quarter inch slate also there's one 45mm slate the pros use one inch slate the BCA the your Congress America recognizes this slate as the most accurate in the world it's perfectly honed perfect playing characteristics above and beyond that there you also have inch and a quarter now you compare that it's thicker again more weight more tracking better playing characteristics don't be fooled by thinner slate many dealers around the country will substitute this for thinner there is no substitute thinner.

Pro slates slate is only as good as the frame that supports it it's what's inside of a Billiards table that counts let's take a closer look the standard of the industry is to have two cross beams support the slate now this may be sufficient if we're only using 45mm slate however if you're going to thinner or inch and a quarter slate more support is necessary this is quad beam construction in addition to the two cross beams what you have is two long beans it's essential when using one inch or inch and a quarter of slate giving you the perfect play field forever ninety percent of the weight of a Billiards table is from the cabinet to the top of the slate and through the normal use of a BilliardsTables such as leaning on it when you're shooting well let's say sitting on the edge puts a lot of undue stress on the leg.

Now the industry produces two different type of legs let's take a look at them this is a post leg I call it the perfect leg it's a solid piece of wood from the floor all the way up to the slate and a slate actually rests on the leg itself as opposed to the standard in the industry which is a two-piece leg in this case here there's a transition from the leg to the frame now that we understand the importance of the leg and the stability of the Billiardstable.

let's talk cushions there are two different types of rails and cushions available in the market today one is synthetic material one is a natural gum material let's take a look at both of these when new a synthetic cushion has great playing characteristics however because they douse a clay filler it tends to dry out and loses its bounce it becomes what we known as a dead rail and an expensive replacement item on the other hand the natural gum rubber cushion is designed to keep it same great playing characteristics for as long as you own the Billiards table so what is there

To know about billiard cloth first of all it should be between 30 and 32 ounces to give you the maximum life also it should be a combination 100% wool that nap that fuzziness to the table also the woolen gives it at super strength just in case there's a miscue one other thing you should insist on teflon coated cloth just to protect you against spills and stains now let's take a look at accessories when it comes to accessories you can get as basic or as elaborate as you like most Billiards tables come with the standard balls cues triangle and chalk.

thank you for reading this today we certainly hope the information you receive has been helpful.

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