Carom Pool Table

Carom Pool Table

These High Strength Pool Tables are developed and designed as per the needs of our customers.

Pool Table is manufactured in many types of quality in wooden like Sheesham, Steambeach

Wood and many other quality is available here customer can order according to him.

We have set benchmarks in the market by manufacturing, exporting and supplying our customers a high quality range of Pool tables in India and abroad. Our offered Pool Table is available with us in a number of specifications to meet the requirements of the patron. This product is precisely designed at our highly cutting-edge production unit at par with market quality standards. 

Q: What is a Carom pool table?

A: A Carom pool table, also known as a billiard table or simply a carom table, is a specialized type of table used for playing carom billiards, a cue sport that focuses on carom or rebound shots without pockets. It's different from standard pool tables which have pockets for balls to be sunk.

Q: How is a Carom pool table different from a regular pool table?

A: The main difference is the absence of pockets on a Carom pool table. Unlike a regular pool table, where the objective is to sink balls into pockets, a Carom table is designed for games that involve hitting both the opponent's and the player's cue ball with the aim of making "caroms" or rebounds off the cushions.

Q: What are the standard dimensions of a Carom pool table?

A: A Carom pool table is typically larger than a regular pool table. The standard dimensions are around 10 feet in length and 5 feet in width. The exact dimensions can vary slightly based on the manufacturer and specific design.

Q: What are the popular Carom billiards games played on these tables?

A: Some popular carom billiards games played on Carom pool tables include Straight Rail, Three-Cushion Billiards, and Four-Ball. These games challenge players to make precise shots and calculate the angles required for the balls to rebound off the cushions.

Q: Can I use a Carom pool table for playing regular pool games?

A: While it's possible to adapt a Carom table for playing regular pool games, it's not the ideal choice. Regular pool tables have pockets that facilitate games like 8-ball and 9-ball. Carom tables lack pockets, making these games less enjoyable on this type of table.

Q: How do I maintain a Carom pool table?

A: Maintaining a Carom pool table involves keeping the playing surface clean and smooth. Regular brushing to remove chalk and dust, as well as occasional vacuuming, is important. The cloth covering the table should be kept in good condition.

Q: Can I convert a Carom pool table to a regular pocket pool table?

A: Converting a Carom table to a pocket pool table is possible but may involve significant modifications. Adding pockets and adjusting the table's playing dynamics would require professional expertise. It's generally more practical to keep the table dedicated to carom billiards.

Q: Are Carom pool tables suitable for beginners?

A: Carom billiards can be more challenging for beginners due to the absence of pockets. However, practicing on a Carom table can help develop a strong understanding of ball control, angles, and cue ball positioning, which are important skills in all cue sports.

Q: Where can I buy a Carom pool table?

A: To purchase the table, Contact us 9990989899, 9643137147

Q: What's the cost of a Carom pool table?

A: To get the information and details of table, Contact us 9990989899, 9643137147

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