British Billiards Table - ANTIQUE BILLIARDS

British Billiards Table

British Billiards Table

Product Description

Our British Billiards and Snooker Table is made of seasoned imported hardwood. Imported Slates, thickness of the slates is 1¾’’ (45mm).

On the other hand Billiards tables are the unique combination of shine, look, tone, quality and easier maintenance.

The surface of the British Billiards tables is then given Melamine polish in several layers which are laid carefully one over the other.

Table Description

Table Sizes: 12ft x 6ft (playing area 22ft ×16ft)

Table Colour: Matte & Cherry finished table.

Table Slates: Imported Italian Slates 5 pieces 45mm Pin Joints in Each Slates.

Table Cloth: Strachan 6811 West of England Cloth.

Table Cushion: - Premium wooden Block Cushions with best quality Rubber Cushion top on it.

Table Pocket: - World Snooker complying cutting.

Billiards Table Legs: - Pure hardwoods with carving and turning.

List of Accessories:- 

·   One set of new Aramith Snooker Balls. (22 Balls)

·   One Scoreboard with runner & Pointer.

·   6 Billiard Cues of ash wood of standard weight and size.

·   Fancy Lamp Shade 4 pcs.

·   One straight edge with half a circle.

·   One cue stands capacity of 6 cues.

·   One long butt cue.

·   One long rest.

·   One spider.

·   One short rest.

·   One Billiard brush.

·   One Billiard table cover for dust.

·   One Snooker triangle.

·   20 piece Billiards chalks.

·   20 piece of Billiard Cue tips.

·   6 Piece Imported Hooks. 

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