British Pool Table - Tanishq Billiards

British Pool Table - Tanishq Billiards

British Pool table

British Pool Table different Size with hard woods and seasoned material, Pool Table in wooden 6 legs, best quality CNC Machine leveled Slates 3 pcs in 38mm thickness, Six Pocket of International standard, with adjuster, best quality cloth green, blue or red color, Pool Table with complete accessories.

British Pool table:

Sizes: 9ft x 4.5ft, 8ft x 4ft 7ft x 3.5ft, 6ft x 3ft

Color: Cherry I Golden I Silver I Matte or Gloss finishing.

Slates: Imported I Indian Italian I Granite Slates 3 pieces 45 I 38 mm.

Cloth: 777, 6565 Cloth Super Pool or 6811, West of England Cloth

Cushion: Premium Wooden Block Cushion with High Speed Rubber, NRC or Melien Rubber Cushion top on it.

Pocket: Imported English Pocket I Brass Outer Pocket of International standards.

Legs: Pure hard woods with full carving and turning as per design.

These High Strength Pool Table are developed and designed as per the need of our customers. 

Pool Table is manufacturing in many types of quality in wooden like Sheesham, Steambeach Wood and many other quality is available here customer can order according to him.

List of Accessories with Pool Table:

1. One Pool Ball set (16 Ball)

2. Four Pcs of ash wood Pool Cues

3. One Pool Table dust cover

4. One cue Stand capacity of 6 cues

5. One Set of Railing set of 6pcs

6. One Set of Pocket set of 6pcs

7. One Pool Triangle

8. One Table Brush 

Q: What is a British pool table?

A: A British pool table is a type of billiards table used for playing various cue sports, including English pool and snooker. It is known for its unique size, design, and specifications tailored to these cue sports.

Q: How does a British pool table differ from other pool tables?

A: British pool tables are typically larger than American pool tables, measuring 9 feet or 8 feet in length. They also have smaller pockets and use smaller cue balls. The cloth used on British pool tables is often different, with a napped surface, unlike the smooth felt used on American pool tables.

Q: What are the standard dimensions of a British pool table?

A: The standard dimensions of a British pool table are 8 feet by 4 feet or 9 feet by 4.5 feet, although other sizes may also be available. The height of the table is usually around 2.7 feet.

Q: What games can be played on a British pool table?

A: British pool tables are primarily designed for English pool, which is similar to the American version but with different rules and smaller balls. Snooker, a highly popular cue sport in the UK, is also played on these tables.

Q: What are the key features of a British pool table?

A: British pool tables typically have green cloth, smaller pockets, wooden or slate playing surfaces, and specific markings for snooker. They also feature a cue ball with a red dot to distinguish it from the other balls.

Q: Can I use a British pool table for American pool games?

A: While it's technically possible to play American pool games on a British pool table, it's not ideal due to the differences in table size and pocket dimensions. American pool tables are better suited for games like eight-ball and nine-ball.

Q: Are British pool tables suitable for home use?

A: Yes, British pool tables are commonly used in homes and pubs across the Overseas. They can be a great addition to recreational spaces, as long as there is enough room to accommodate the table's size.

Q: How much does a British pool table cost?

A: The cost of a British pool table can vary significantly depending on factors such as brand, size, and quality. Call us 9990989899, 9643137147 for price and cost of British pool table.

Q: How do I maintain a British pool table?

A: Proper maintenance includes brushing the cloth regularly, cleaning the balls and pockets, and ensuring that the table is level. It's also important to keep the cues in good condition and cover the table when not in use to protect it from dust and debris.

Q: Where can I purchase a British pool table?

A: Call us 9990989899, 9643137147 for buy and purchase a British pool table.

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